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You can now see an increasingly large number of students looking for some academic writing assistance to complete their essays, research papers, and other assignments. While it is true that these essay services really go a long way in making lives easier for students, it is also a fact that not all these services deliver the best quality work. You need to know a way to identify scammers and unscrupulous service providers...

Our List of TOP 10 Essay Writing Companies

How to Write an Effective Essay

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Read the essay question carefully and make sure you know what is being asked of you. Many essay questions contain words like "discuss", "describe", "evaluate". Don’t overlook those words...

How to Write an Effective Essay

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Modern World History essay example

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The Great Depression essay example


The Great Depression was altered by the task of government in the fiscal and social life of America. President Herbert Hoover served …

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Top 5 Tips on How to Prepare your Essay with our Help

We are inspired to think when we read something very stimulating. That is why using a sample essay to make your own essay is a good idea. The ideas, coherence, and arrangement of topics in a sample essay can help you substantially. You can also use a sample essay for research purposes. Below are the top 5 tips that you can use in using a sample essay to start with your own.

Choose the right free essay examples

There are essays that appeal strongly because they are excellently written. However, these essays may not be the right ones for you. You must remember that the authors of those essays are able to write a high-quality piece because they chose the right topics for them. So the first step that you should take is to choose an essay that deals with a topic that you know well. This topic must also interest you so you will be more motivated in making your essay.

Understand the essay fully

You cannot use a material unless you understand it. If you lack understanding of it, you will just end up borrowing phrases from it instead of coming up with your own ideas. A full understanding of a statement can stimulate ideas in your head. It also shows that the topic is interesting to you and fits you well. Moreover, a good understanding of an essay allows you to use the material fully.

Be aware of plagiaristic practices

Committing plagiarism is a huge minus in your score. It also gives the evaluators the impression that you are incapable of generating your own ideas. Refer to plagiarism guidelines from reliable sources before using any information from the sample essay that you are using.

Compare the sample essay with your own

It is still plagiarism even if you did not intentionally copy a work. You might have unknowingly lifted information from your sample essay. Better re-read the sample essay and compare it with your own work. Avoid any similarity from the sample essay. If you have to use information from the free essay example, cite it properly. It is almost implossible to escape with plagiarism nowadays as there are many schools that utilize software that detects plagiarism.

Do not just revise

It is very important to make your own essay. Do not just paraphrase, rearrange, and, all in all, revise the whole sample essay. Put some insights into your essay. Personal views will make your essay more interesting and colorful. Create a thesis statement that is different from the sample essay. Your thesis statement and conclusion are the focal point of your essay. Hence, they are the most noticeable. Make sure that none of the two have similarities to the sample essay that you are using. Again, if there are similarities, never forget to cite the sources.

Use The Right Sample Essay And Look Like A Hero

Choosing a college or university is a big concern for many students, but passing the application process proves to be more challenging. If you plan to enroll in a prestigious university, you may have to undergo a stringent application process because there may be thousands of other students who have the same goal as yours.

Colleges and universities consider an applicant’s essay as one of the most important part of his application. A badly written college essay can cause an exceptional student to get rejected. On the other hand, a well-written essay can increase the chances of an average student to get accepted to even the most prestigious schools. One important key to coming up with the best college essay is to use the right sample essay as a guide. If you feel that you have done so much in your life that people should look at you like a hero, then by all means mention your accomplishments in your college essay.

If you think that your writing abilities are exceptional and that you do not need a sample essay as a guide, you may need to think again. A college essay may require you to go beyond the elements of writing that you have been accustomed to. Reading sample essays will help you come up with various styles that will help you get your message across with clarity and consistency.

If you have friends who have been successful with their college applications, you may be lucky for them to allow you to read their own essays. However, since not many people are willing to do this, you can rely on sample college essays online. Choose a sample essay that is interesting to read, and has the message and clarity that you want to see in your own essay. However, you need to be careful not to plagiarize other people’s works.

Many successful college applicants have used these free essay examples, so they may also help you succeed with your application. Finding the right sample should be easy, since there are hundreds of them available online. You simply need to choose the right keywords to be able to find the appropriate example essays.