Assembling MBA essay example elements into one winning essay

Assembling MBA essay example elements into one winning essay

Crafting the perfect MBA application essay is a tough job. Many people are aware of the benefits an MBA degree can give them in their careers and as such, you need to be able to stand out in the kind of admission essays that you pass. MBA schools have doubled their strictness when it comes to choosing prospective students, taking in applicants who impress not only with their grades but also with the achievements in their lives. Get inspiration and ideas on how to define entrepreneurship in your MBA admission essay by viewing sample MBA essays. Here’s how to make your own winning piece from the good points seen in example MBA admission essays.

MBA essays example: getting started with your story-telling

Using personal stories of success is one of the most common and effective means of eliciting a positive response from the admissions panel or the faculty. Relating these in a funny or humorous manner can certainly make the MBA admission essay an easier and memorable read. However, one should take extra precautions when writing about personal experiences. An MBA admission essay is different from the personal statements that one submitted to get into college. In an MBA admission essay, the panel may look for more than just one’s personal insight to life. One’s predilection towards entrepreneurship and management should be apparent in the MBA admissions essay while still giving the readers a glimpse of one’s true self. You can probably write about experiences from work or in any extracurricular activities that required you to handle the issue with the proper business acumen or where you displayed a skill that can be further developed by an MBA.

However, aside from achievements, MBA school admissions sometimes also look for people who have experienced trials and how they rose up and moved on. One favorite question that most MBA schools such as Harvard ask applicants to write about is what they have learned from a memorable mistake. You can take a personal approach to this question but should also present your answer in a clear and concise manner. Outlining the lessons learned from this mistake can help readers see what skills you have been enriched with by the experience.

Above all, don’t get carried away in writing about your personal life and experiences. Make sure to keep the essay questions or topics in mind. Craft your MBA admissions essay in such a way that you provide a clear answer to the questions while giving the admissions panel or faculty a look into your own personality.

MBA essays sample: keeping your MBA essays short

On an average, admissions people read 20-35 MBA application essays a day. If your essay isn’t interesting enough and it’s in the last five or ten for the day, chances are, you won’t be getting a chance for that slot in MBA school. Keep your MBA application essays concise and straight to the point. However, don’t lose that individuality that admissions may look for. Make use of statements that will evoke clearer meanings without being too wordy in order to make that lasting impression on the reader of your MBA essay.

Making a clear outline of what you want to say in your MBA admission essay will help you focus on key points that you want to stress while keeping the piece short and informative. Be sure to impart to the readers the good qualities that you have, focusing also on your entrepreneurial abilities. Another good thing to talk about in your MBA essay is a goal or an achievement that you want to reach and how an MBA can help you realize your dreams.

MBA admission essay: avoiding clichés and cheesy lines

Don’t write an MBA admission essay that smacks of begging for the favors of those who will read it. Instead, write about what you really want to say and come up with ideas that are truly your own. Clichés in your MBA admission essay may be seen by the admissions panel or faculty as a sign of being lackluster. Filling up your essay with cheesy lines may also only just prove that you don’t have the capability of coming up with your own words. Though it may be hard to make do without commonly used terms or phrases, you can express your thought in the same vein, but reworded such that it speaks of originality.

For people who have had years or experience in the corporate or working world, avoid using industry jargon or terms in your MBA application essays. Though it may sound like you’re an expert, bear in mind that the readers or admissions panel reviewing your piece may not have the same knowledge or background regarding your industry. It may also come across as stand-offish or supremacist, so always bear in mind to explain some terms clearly or in more understandable ways.