Example MBA Essay: Leadership through cheerleading. College Admission Essay Samples

Example MBA Essay: Leadership through cheerleading. College Admission Essay Samples

I learned all about true leadership through my high school’s cheerleading team. Even if, at first, I only wanted to be in the team to become one of the “It-girls,” the challenges that the team encountered showed me that there is more in being a popular cheer leader. One becomes popular because she has to lead her teammates, the football team and the whole school to share in strong camaraderie and support one another. A cheerleader should be able to influence others with a strong school spirit, no matter what happens.

On top of establishing and keeping school camaraderie, my cheer leading team had to do a lot of preparations for the annual cheer leading championships. After school hours, we spent much time practicing and improving our choreography and overall presentation. Discouragement often presented itself to us, but I, as the head cheer leader, continued to give hope to my team. I believed that every situation can be an opportunity if only you look at it in such manner.

Moving on to college, I turned to more serious preoccupations like the student council. While intensely involved in my studies in marketing and public relations, I managed to be the head of the student council. I worked closely with different students and college professors and honed my interpersonal skills. I learned how to listen to what others had to say and to tell them my side in the most straightforward but gentle manner. I was also able to establish various changes in school including more orderly and efficient career fairs and more diverse and interesting extra-curricular activities that can prepare students for the working life.

Going through high school and college changed my perspective of life. I learned how to be outgoing and to contribute to the improvement and benefit of others more than mine. Now, I am getting ready for greater challenges.

I have been working in my father’s PR firm since college graduation and, eventually, I am going to inherit the company. Our PR firm has also been one of the best during the past 10 years and I still want to improve it. But to be better equipped, I will need an MBA from ___ university. Having such education will help me to understand how to keep up in an industry that is fueled by competition and realistic foresight.

I realize, however, that staying ahead of others is no easy task. Running an entire company is not much like managing a cheer leading team or a student council either. Nevertheless, despite whatever major obstacles I will have to face, I remain optimistic as I have always been. I am very confident that I will not just benefit much from my studies but also be able to surpass problems using everything that I have learned.