How to Write About Your Personal Heroes

How to Write About Your Personal Heroes

Think about the reasons why you consider this person your hero. What exactly about him is great? Write what’s amazing about her or him. Be specific when you’re praising your hero. Give examples of what he does that’s heroic in your eyes. Before talking about your hero, provide a general description of what a hero is to you.

A hero means different things to different people. A hero can be someone who has made a huge impact on your life, someone who goes above and beyond for the good of others and expects nothing in return. A hero may be someone who has been there for you and who has never let you down. Your hero could be someone who inspires you. To some, a hero might be closer to home, like a mom or father. To others, it might be their favorite fantasy figure. To others a true hero might be someone who saves lives. What is a hero?

What Makes a Person a Hero Essay

Everybody needs a hero. You just need someone to look up to. It gives you a feeling of who do you want to become. You can decide to write about your personal hero or the famous hero. A famous hero is someone that many people know such as a president, a religious leader, or an author. A personal hero is someone that you know such as a friend, a family member, or a teacher. When writing about your personal hero, you can discuss how you met him and how long you have known him. Also, your favorite memories with your hero are very easy to write about.

If your hero is someone that you admire, write about what it is that you admire about him. It is better if you can narrate a specific story or situation that explains why you look up to your hero for that specific trait or action. In your essay about your personal hero, it is important to include the unique and special qualities of your hero and what sets him apart from others. You could also choose someone who fought for his rights as your hero. To make your personal hero essay more interesting, you can write about the setbacks encountered by your hero. You can describe how your hero had to overcome the difficulties and struggles in his life. Everyone needs a hero. It does not matter if that hero is real or fictional. You can choose among cultural or social heroes, historical figures, contemporary personalities or fictional ones.

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