MBA Admissions Essays: Five Points That Should Not Appear in Them

MBA Admissions Essays: Five Points That Should Not Appear in Them

Getting an MBA degree would open various doors of opportunities for you. Whether you want to start your own business or work in a company, a degree from a business school would equip you with skills and experience that are necessary in your career endeavors. The first step to business school admissions is to write your MBA essay. Below are some tips to help you make a notable MBA admissions essay.

What makes the MBA admissions essay different from other graduate essays?

There are various benefits of getting an MBA degree. One of these is the variety of career options that you can choose from if you have a degree from a business school. In an MBA school, you will be trained in various fields that would be beneficial if you pursue a career even outside the business world. Because of the great things a degree from a business school can give, many are attracted to enroll in one. Due to the intense competition, writing an MBA admissions essay is more difficult than writing essays for other graduate schools. The tight competition in MBA school admissions make it necessary for you to write not just a well-structured and error-free essay, but also one that would grab the attention of the readers.

What are the top five mistakes to avoid in your MBA admissions essay?

Although writing an MBA essay is not as easy as writing other types of essays, you can still have a good chance in getting accepted to a prestigious MBA school if you know the topics that you should or should not include in your essay.

  • One of the things that you should avoid in your MBA essay is boring information. You have to paint yourself as uniquely as possible through your essay. You should find a certain characteristic that would set you apart from others. However, you have to make sure that the characteristics you highlight is positive and would prove very valuable in your pursuit of an MBA degree.
  • You also have to avoid talking about too many issues or topics. You have to narrow down the things that you should mention by including only those that are relevant to your application.
  • Being too creative is also a no-no. Always remember that though you need to write an appealing essay, you should not overdo it by being overly creative.
  • Also avoid making a summary of what you have written. Keep in mind that MBA essays should be written as briefly as possible; just one to two pages long. Because of this, a summary is no longer necessary.
  • Lastly, you have to avoid being too broad. Instead, explain things and be specific if necessary. You should not assume that the admissions officers know you well; keep in mind that your essay is your chance to introduce yourself to them.

What are other common mistakes applicants commit in their admissions essay MBA?

In writing an MBA essay, some applicants have committed mistakes because of the notion that these can make their MBA essays more interesting, but actually these have the opposite effect. Among the most common mistakes is being over-confident and acting as though you are the smartest applicant. Although it is an advantage that you exude confidence and give an impression that you are knowledgeable about a lot of things, you have to make certain that you don’t give the impression that you are the smartest among the applicants. Remember, you are applying to an MBA school because you know you still have many things to learn.

Another mistake you can commit is to give excuses for your actions. If you have poor grades last semester or if you don’t have good work records, avoid mentioning them in your essay. You can explain it on the interview. However, if you think that you really have to make an explanation, just make sure that you are not giving a lousy excuse or that you sound so defensive.

Also, avoid being so dramatic by giving your story a tragic air in order to get the sympathy of the admissions officers. Another common mistake that some applicants commit is the inclusion of all their experiences. Bear in mind that the shorter the MBA essay, the more chances you have of your essay being read by the admissions officers. Some applicants also use humor. Actually, there is nothing wrong with using humor if you are already an expert. But if you are not, just avoid using it. Using clichés is also a common mistake. Applicants usually use one, believing that they sound very wise when they employ this. However, it gives a negative impression on the readers.

In writing your essay, you can limit your experiences related to your application. You can also include your reasons for applying to MBA school and your future goals.