MBA Essay Sample: How to Wow Your Readers with an Engaging Writing Style and Focused Topics

MBA Essay Sample: How to Wow Your Readers with an Engaging Writing Style and Focused Topics

Getting a degree from a business school would give you a wide array of options for your career path. This is because the theories and the training you will get from an MBA school are also useful if you want to pursue a career in non-business fields. However, if you are planning to enter an MBA school, you have to work hard for it. Before you get the chance to be admitted to a business school, you still have to meet various qualifications. One of the factors that could make or break your admissions is your MBA essay. To help you write an essay that would ensure your entry to an MBA school, below are some things you should know.

MBA Essay Examples: What to say and what not to say in your MBA essay

Your essay is one of your tickets to a business school. This is why in writing this, you have to give your best. You can read various MBA essay samples in writing your own essay. There are certain rules that you could follow in writing one. A well-written MBA essay sample includes the writer’s reason for applying in a business school. So, before you write your own, think about your reasons why you really want to be admitted. Aside from this, you also have to discuss the skills and training that you think would contribute to the college community. Your experiences that you believe to have great significance to why you want to enter a business school should also be included in your essay.

It also pays if you know what you should avoid in your MBA essay. One of the things you should use sparingly is humor. Humor, if used by an expert, can really create a positive effect. However, if you are not an expert in using this, you can just play it safe by avoiding the use of this; what is humorous to you may not be so funny for some people. Another thing you should not talk about is private information which has no relevance to why you are applying to an MBA school. This information could just bore the readers. Although it is an advantage if you give an impression that you know a lot of things about the university where you are applying to, just be careful of writing too much so you won’t sound like you’re bragging or making everyone know that you are the smartest applicant. You also have to avoid talking about the school and the faculty. Although it pays to let the admissions officers know that you have researched information about the school, keep in mind that your essay is still about you.

Essay Example: How faulty editing can limit your chances for admission

Editing is one of the most important parts of the writing process. Faulty editing can have a great impact on the result of your application. If you don’t edit your essay well, you would not be able to check the coherence of your work. This will give the readers the impression that you are a careless writer. You have to keep in mind that no matter how interesting your introduction is, if you don’t edit your whole work to check for unity, clarity, and the structure of your essay, you won’t get the chance to enter your dream school. Because MBA essay editing is really important, you should make sure that you read your essay several times or let others read it and give their comments. In editing your MBA essay, you should also watch out for grammar and the typographical errors. You have to pay attention to the errors that you often commit, because chances are, you will commit the same faults when writing your essay. Don’t just rely on your word processing program’s proofreading features; it’s best that you personally edit and proofread your essay.

Sample essay: How word choice can make a huge impact on your application

Your word choice is also a very important factor you should check during or after you have written your essay. Your choice of words can affect the clarity of your sentences, which is of high value given your essay is very short. A faulty word choice often leads to awkwardness, vagueness, and unclear phrases or sentences. So to make your sentences clear, make sure that you use a word aptly. You can read and reread your sentences several times and check if these can be interpreted differently. You can also ask someone if he or she can read your essay aloud and point out confusing points. In editing your essay, you have to remember that the use of fanciful and highfalutin words would not give your essay an edge over other applicants. What can broaden your chances of being admitted into an MBA school is an interesting essay that is clear and well-constructed.