Science and Technology Essay

Science and Technology Essay

Using a Sample Essay About Myself in Writing an Essay on Being Technologically Updated

In this day and age, the Internet, computers, and other technologies are more accessible than ever before. With cell phones, laptops, computer software, and all the other gizmos and gadgets being developed and released practically every day, it’s easy to get left behind by the fast-paced advancement of science and technology. Still, people recognize the great benefits of these technological developments, especially when it comes to productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. For this reason, people who are up-to-date with technology often have a competitive edge over others in the job market and in other aspects of life. Did you know that being technologically updated can also help you get accepted into college?

How cane being tech-savvy help you get into college?

While being tech-savvy won’t necessarily score you points when it comes to your transcripts, it can help when composing your resume and admission essays. This is especially the case if you plan on taking up a course that is heavy on technology and computer software, such as Computer Sciences, Information Technologies, Architecture, or Engineering. Colleges and universities that specialize in such courses often expect students to be technologically updated with the latest software and hardware. Being up-to-date with science and technology is about knowing, understanding, and being able to manipulate the latest technologies to your advantage. For this reason, many colleges and universities consider it a bonus when applicants are knowledgeable on the latest technologies.

What makes you technologically updated?

Now that you know what being tech-savvy is all about, it’s time to learn about what gives you a technological edge over other applicants. First, you should start by making a list of all of the types of software and hardware that you are familiar with. You don’t have to be too specific, but be sure to note the types of operating systems, relevant software, and computer systems you are comfortable with using. Next, try to think of what drives you to stay updated with the latest technologies. Are you truly interested in technology? Do you plan on applying to a technology-heavy course? Is your dream job technology related? All of these questions and their answers will help you when writing your admissions essay.

How to write an admissions essay focused on being technologically update?

One of the first steps to writing an excellent admission essay is to get a winning essay sample about myself or other examples of personal statements. A sample essay about myself can help you tackle issues like how to write about being tech-savvy, how to relate your skills and your personality developments, and how to write an effective essay. It’s essential to keep you main goal in mind when writing your essay, and this goal is to introduce yourself to the admissions committee. Your ultimate goal with the admissions essay to tell the admissions committee why you belong in their college and why you have what it takes to succeed in their institution and beyond. Avoid writing a long list of the software and hardware that you know how to use and, instead, focus on how being technologically updated has changed you for the better.