Sample foreign student applicant MBA essay

Sample foreign student applicant MBA essay

Essay (first paragraph)

My educational attainment and work experience have made me a competent professional, but my commitment and reliability are what makes my academic background and professional attainment more valuable. I was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Commerce at the __________, and for three years, I was able to attain top ranking in class. In terms of work experience, I’ve had a three year-experience working for ___________ New Delhi and now I am one of their technical assistants. This length of experiences has equipped me with the needed knowledge and competency in the business and accounting field. I believe that obtaining an MBA degree will help me further my career and allow me to meet my educational as well as professional goals. My dedication to my chosen profession will help me make worthwhile contributions in the field, and with an MBA degree, I will have the added qualifications to show for it.


I. Essay question

By answering the essay question regarding my career goals and how a ______ MBA can help me achieve them, I believe I am able to show the admissions officers how this graduate degree is highly relevant for both my personal and professional advancement. Furthermore, by pursuing an MBA degree, I believe I can make a valuable contribution to the commerce and accounting industry of India. The essay question allowed me to showcase my qualifications both academically and professionally.

II. My qualifications

I believe that my educational background and work experience only prove my commitment to continued growth and success in the field. My qualifications include the following:

  1. Attaining a bachelor’s degree in Commerce at the _____________ in India
  2. Sustain top ranking in class
  3. Being a final group student of the Institute of the Chartered Accountants of India under the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course (to be completed in May)
  4. Having worked for three years for PriceWaterhouse, New Delhi in the assurance and business advisory services division
  5. Working as a Technical Assistant with the same division since the past four months

III. MBA application

  1. Explain concisely why an MBA degree is well-suited for me
  2. Show how my training and scholastic experience in Commerce and Accountancy makes me a suitable applicant for an MBA degree
  3. Show how I can make relevant contributions to my workplace by pursuing further studies in MBA
  4. Explain why I want to specialize in international and portfolio management