Sample Healthcare MBA essay

Sample Healthcare MBA essay

The following is a free example admission essay based on information a reader of this blog sent in.

My favorite Indian proverb translates: “Don’t just cross a river — cross it bearing fire!” To me, these simple yet powerful words speak not only of a journey, but also of purpose, preparation, and pioneering–three tenets that I believe should be at the heart of every endeavor in life. Today, I am face-to-face with the journey toward my aspirations of becoming one of the best healthcare providers in my home country, India.

When I left my small home town to study for college in one of India’s mega cities, I had a purpose. My purpose was to take up Homeopathy at one of the country’s leading universities. I learned about various aspects of homeopathic healthcare, a line of study that coincides well with my dream of offering widespread and affordable healthcare through homeopathic practices. The study and practice of homeopathy also synergizes well with my interest in Indian philosophy and my passion for Indian culture. Although I studied to become a homeopathy doctor, much of my practice since graduating from college has been in the line of allopathy. In fact, I worked as an intern in a allopathic clinic, where I was able to interact with many people and educate them about the benefits of homeopathy.

Now, I seek to prepare myself for my journey toward becoming a homeopathic healthcare provider in India, crossing “the river” from India to America, where I intend on taking up an MBA in Healthcare from ________ College. I believe that ________ College has great educational values and a diverse student body, truly an educational institution where I can learn a lot from both faculty and student interactions. I also believe that I can make quite a significant contribution in classroom discussions, case studies, and debates through my unique perspective because of my background, upbringing, education, interests, and experiences.

I am not only an Indian woman with a bachelor’s degree in Homeopathy, but I am also going to be the first generation in my family to study in the United States. I am married to an Indian computer professional who is working in the US on an H1 Visa. We both enjoy closely following the political and economic changes caused by the phenomenal growth of India, the “Asian Tiger.” When I first thought of moving from India to America, I was rather apprehensive, because I was unsure about how my career would be affected by the move. After extensive research and careful consideration, however, I truly feel that ________ College can give me the best healthcare administration schooling and the best preparation to attain my goals in life.

In a decade, I envision myself back in India, working as the managing director of a pharmaceutical company or a health maintenance organization. After gaining extensive experience with such companies and organizations, my dream is to become a pioneer by founding a hospital that will provide a wide variety of homeopathic and traditional medicine services at an affordable price.

Beyond my career aspirations, I also want to become a pioneer in my parent’s eyes, to make them proud of my being the first generation to “cross the river… bearing fire,” and finding success in my migration. On the subject of family, I also aspire to be the best wife and mother I can be. I wish to provide my future children with the best upbringing and education possible, that one day they may become the next generation to have an inspired purpose, to study abroad and seek proper preparation, and to become pioneers in their own right. I believe that pursuing and earning my MBA education from ________ College will set me on the right path to reaching all of my goals and aspirations.


I. Indian proverb: “Don’t just cross a river — cross it bearing fire!”

Explaining meaning

  • Purpose, preparation, pioneering
  • Journey toward healthcare

II. Explaining my purpose

Background and education

  • From small town to mega city
  • Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathy

Practical experience

  • Allopathy
  • Educating and interacting with people

III. Eplaining the journey and preparation

MBA in Healthcare from _____ College

  • educational values
  • diverse student body
  • will give proper preparation for future

What I have to offer ________

  • Indian woman versed in homeopathy
  • Follow news on Asian Tiger
  • Married to computer professional
  • 1st generation to study abroad
  • apprehension of moving (career)

IV. Toward the future and becoming a pioneer


  • Managing director (pharma or HMO)
  • Founding hospital


  • Make parents proud
  • Be a good wife and parent
  • Dreams for children

MBA from __________