Sample MBA admission essay: Future plans

Sample MBA admission essay: Future plans

Ever since my junior year in college I had envisioned graduating from an MBA program. Aside from the usual encouragement given by my faculty members, I had realized that, on my own, I had a longing to expand the knowledge and training that I had gained throughout my business management education in college. My junior year in college was spent in China, where I had the chance to learn about Mandarin and the Chinese culture through a student exchange program. This experience immersed me in a place and culture that I knew nothing about, aside from what I had read in books and seen in documentaries or the news. It was an experience much like that of entering into an MBA program, where students are exposed to a new environment, new challenges and new people.

Over the past four years, since I graduated from college, I have sought ways of expanding my knowledge and experience in business. The experiences I had studying in China predisposed me to a global business model, one that goes beyond the confines of the city that I grew up in and attended my first two years of college at. After graduating from college, I sought a line of employment that would help me in achieving an MBA. Employed in a multi-national corporation, I was involved in handling the sector of management information systems. The position gave me much needed experience and training in the field of business administration.

Beyond my experience as an employee, I have sought experience as an employer as well. Just last year, I was able to set up a small computer cafe, which I am currently managing and learning from. Throughout this venture, I have been exposed to a different facet of business. The experience continues to shape my experience and knowledge in business and life in general. The opportunities that I have had throughout college and after graduation have left in me a passion for business and a passion for obtaining an MBA. I feel that _______ University is the only university that offers the courses, environment, and faculty that can help me achieve this drive.

While I am proud of the experiences and accomplishments that I have achieved so far, I am by no means contented. I am dedicated to earning an MBA from _______ University, because I strongly believe that the University provides just the type of training, education and exposure needed to pursue my future plans. This is a program that is devoted to the development of personal qualities that are in tune with internationalism, humanism and international business – one that fits perfectly into my view of what an MBA program graduate should be.

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