Scholarship Admission Essay

Scholarship Admission Essay

Describe your background and life experiences to include any challenges or successes. Explain how these experiences prompted you to pursue a higher education.

Well as the saying goes, education is the key to success. I have been an engineering student at University of Iran for about three years. The backwardness in technology and industrialization gave me a motivation to move to the United States to proceed with my studies in Petroleum engineering. That was four years back, keeping in mind that I have no family or relatives here in U.S. The struggle to make a living and to count on no one for my needs has kept me more motivated to achieve my dreams. Working for 60 hours in a week in order to pay my rent, bills and my fees as well has not been easy. Nevertheless, I need to get my PHD and there is nothing much I can do but to be patient, hardworking and always optimistic. A success it is by moving here in order to pursue my career, whether the road is bumpy or not.

Describe your educational career and life goals. Explain your plan for achieving these goals. Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals.

Petroleum engineering has always been my passion since I was a small kid. I have always been a smart kid since high school, in an effort to one day being successful petroleum engineer. Well, engineering study is not easy, but it requires a spirit that never quits. I am sure I will achieve this goal. Once I get the scholarship, I sure will be more hardworking, by concentrating in class, doing more research on the subject, experimenting what I was taught in class, and still keep on praying to God to help me in this long journey to success. I am a bright student, always motivated, hardworking and very goal- oriented, so I am sure I will pursue my PHD with flying colors.

Explain how receiving a scholarship will help your goals.

I have always wanted to invent something new in this world and learn more about how oil and gas are produced and how they benefit the world. It is also clear that engineering is a great career subject. When I achieve the career, I will definitely feel proud of myself because I have always admired people with great minds and are still successful. Moreover, it is well-paying job that will help me achieve my dreams, help out my family to move in with me here in the U.S, as well as assist my relatives back in Iran. So definitely, the scholarship will open the door for my career, develop my knowledge in Petroleum engineering, get to meet with new people in the school who will assist me with my studies, satisfy my curiosity in the subject, build up my confidence, improve my skills and lastly provide more technological tools and information that are well related to my course.

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