A Doll’s House essay sample

A Doll’s House essay sample

Why did Krogstad write a letter to Torvalds? Krogstad works at a bank where Torvald will in a short time become the manager. Torvald, however, plans to fire him and promises to hire his wife’s friend, Mrs. Linde instead who had applied for a position in the bank. Krogstad is irate at the decision and plans to retain his position by blackmailing Torvald. First, he calls Nora Helmer, who is Torvalds’s wife and threatens to expose her dirty secret. Nora had illegally borrowed some huge amount of cash to facilitate his hospital bill sometimes back when he was ill and which she was still repaying.

The wife tried to persuade Torvald to reinstate him at the position but she was unsuccessful. Norah pleads with Mrs. Linde to help her since she was aware that Krogstad loved her. She promises to get married to him and care for his children. Krogstad sends a mail to his husband and drops it in their mailbox. Nora tries to obstruct his husband from picking the letter from the mailbox. He, however manages to read it when they got home. He is tremendously agitated by his wife’s decision to borrow the money in short of his knowledge.

Torvald calls his wife names such as hypocrite, liar and a person of no religion and questionable integrity. He continues to release him of the duty of caring after their children. Norah defends his act arguing that she was indeed saving his life when she borrowed the amount. At this point it is clear to her that her husband was a wolf in sheep’s cloths. She actually realizes that her husband at no one point loved her. She fumes and swears to leave the house and vanish forever. At this point Torvald panics. He pleads with her to stay but she insists on going to start over and understand the world better.


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