Use of Symbols. A Space 2001. Essay sample

Use of Symbols. A Space 2001. Essay sample

A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick essay movie review example

A Space Odyssey is a 1968 epic fiction film which was created and directed by Stanley Kubrick. This fictional was introduced at a time when technology and its use were advancing. This movie is more of symbolism which shows us how space looks like and future man’s intentions. We are therefore taken for a journey to Jupiter with computer Hal after the discovery of the black monolith (Sijms 2014) viewers are only left to watch and venture into their own subliminal and its non- verbal experience to conjecture about its meaning.

The film explains about man’s evolution and his predominance. It begins with apes that reach the Monolith. They, in the end, get to be the man and utilize tools to survive. Man, in the end, turns out to be advanced they build spacecraft where they travel through the stars. We take after the Jupiter Mission. (Ebert, 2001). At the point when the mission goes amiss on account of the AI Computer, Dave must venture into the ship and turn it off. Dave, in the long run, sees the Monolith and ventures from the safety of the ship reach it. What’s more, it prophetically demonstrated the continuing impact that computers would have in our day to day lives. The ape-man initially found devices to kill animals for sustenance. (Sijms 2014). His mind developed, he invented dialect and organized into political establishments, and he created weapons such as knives, then guns and lastly nuclear weapons

Use of Symbols

There is a vast use of symbols in the film. This is evident especially from a title, and much of these symbols are derived from Homer’s ‘The Iliad and The Odyssey. In the “Dawn of Man” fragment of this film, the most prominent symbols to me are the sunrise and the bone. The sunrise is a symbol of birth. Birth, evolution, and death are fundamental topics contained in this film content. The bone tossed into the air by the ape, Moon-watcher, symbolizes humankind’s evolution from primitive beast to tool-using human. With this tool man can now slaughter, make, and modify his general surroundings. (Ebert, 2001). It is a symbol of man’s natural, Darwinian, adaptive quality. It shows how man is born and how he has to be strong to survive in this universe.

There is a black monolith found in when the film begins, and another discovered lying on the moon. The two were set by a remarkably advanced alien like an approach to prod along the advancement of humankind. (Carney, 1968). When our ancestors first came across the monolith, they acquired tool using. The other monolith found on the moon took us farther through space, and this was an indication of man’s capacity to make computerized reasoning that is, HAL, which was also a positive step towards technology use. The black monolith monument on the moon was a symbol of reference point to the unseen human advancement. It emits its sign pretty much as the sun ascends over the moon horizon. Sending its signal, means people have developed to the point where they can go to the moon, identify attractive anomalies and unearth to discover the source. (Carney, 1968). Finally, there is this other monolith, and here we witness Dave transformed into the next change of evolution which is the Dave reaches the third monolith and is changed into the following phase of human evolution. The hallucinogenic light appear before that symbolizes how the monolith had given information and skill to man, which is hard for our brains to comprehend and possibly, the same man being taken through time and space

There is a spherical space craft which carries Floyd from the orbiting space position to the Clavius moon position as it docks. It looks like a head with glowing eyes and is a symbol of Heywood Floyd’s world class status and rank. There is a monitor on the left which proclaims the glowing eyes more. Likewise, amid the introduction part of the following scene, there is shot. (Carney, 1968) There is a photographer in the meeting room who has intelligent sleeve fasteners that look like a leopard’s glowing eyes. He has with him a plaid suit, both coat, and pants which signify the rhythmic outline of the leopards far. (Ebert, 2001). Hal also possesses a glowing eye which is pervasive on-board Discovery One like an undeniable sign of authority and control by man over the universe and innovation.

Kubrick additionally uses colors as a symbol. The whiteness of practically every component inside the space ships is a symbol of cleanliness and sanitization. Kubrick imagines a future environment without germs and garbage. It is a universe of fresh, clean, antibacterial white walls, floors, and ceilings. Kubrick over and again utilizes red as a symbol of danger. Red lights streak inside the boat amid the absolute most exceptional scenes of the film, for example, the scene where Bowman shuts down the ship’s computer, the HAL 9000. Red is likewise utilized for HAL 9000’s camera eye. This is one of numerous symbols alluding to Homer’s The Odyssey. The bedroom which is gloriously decorated in the segment where the pilot rises into the target world is additionally another use of symbols. We see a spacecraft which lands in the bedroom, and we see the pilot glancing outside the window where he finds himself in the space outfit. (Carney 2004). He then gets out and finds himself in the same space outfit but this time, he manages to be himself now assembled at the table having a meal and become conscious of himself extremely elderly, dying in bed. Kubrick was talking in regards to Man as a controller of the universe, a race and its occupant too. All the more particularly, the film is about man’s activities in the world, his using state and after that again into a higher request of the regular state. This helps to place its expression totally in visual terms and the little dialog in the middle area of the film is not essential, as verbal Muzak. Symbolism in this movie is chiefly used primarily in the introduction and the ending. It is also employed in the whole film from parts to parts. (Ebert, 2001). It is used to bring imaginary features so that the audience can understand it better

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