Building a video to insert in your PowerPoint presentation

Building a video to insert in your PowerPoint presentation

In this section you will learn how to build a video and insert it into your best PowerPoint presentation. You may start your presentation with a video, it creates a “wow” effect but make sure that you have developed rapport first by yourself. You should not hide behind a video and should not give the audience the impression that they came to watch a video.

You may include in your video:

  • Images

  • Film

  • Text

  • Music

For the music, google free royalties music.

For the film, you may also find some free royalties videos on websites such as youtube. Once you have found the clip, you can download it via extractors. Google youtube extractors such as “You Tube Clip Extractor”. The download may offer multiple free trials. It works well for short clips no longer than 3 minutes.

You can use Windows Movie Maker to build your videos and combine all components :

  • Download the film from the video library website

  • Convert the film file into a mpeg extension

  • Prepare the text using PowerPoint slides

  • Convert the slides into images using Paint

  • Gather your images from a photo library

Windows movie maker does not read all movie extensions such as .avi. You may use a file converter such as Nidesoft Video converter (the download may offer multiple free trials of converting 3 minutes of each video).

How to combine all your components with Windows Movie Maker

  • Open a new project

  • Import medias (all your components)

  • Drag your medias to the table at the bottom (1)

  • Insert transitions in between your components (by dragging)

  • Publish the movie

  • Your movie file is ready to insert into a PowerPoint slide

You can insert transitions in between your components by dragging the selected transition in between your images and slides.

You can always adjust your movie from the saved project according to your audience on future presentations.

If your presentation lasts more than 2 hours, you could show more than one video. For example, you may use up to 3 videos for a training course lasting a full day (morning and afternoon introduction, and after afternoon coffee break to make that last part of the day more playful).

Also remember to check always before any new presentation the videos embedded in your PowerPoint. PowerPoint is not yet fully stable and does not always keep in memory the videos inserted.