Dear America - American Patriotism Essay

Dear America - American Patriotism Essay

My name is Beth. I am an ordinary American citizen, and I wear that label with pride. I am young, kind-hearted and strong. I believe in America. I believe in the American people. I believe in America’s system of government. I believe whole heartedly in my Constitution and I love my Country with as much love as I have for my children and family members. I believe in the patriotism of our citizens. But, I am scared. I am scared that people have begun to lose or have lost faith in our ability at the election polls, scared that people have begun to lose or have lost faith in their power as voters, scared that people are starting to believe or do believe that their voice will not be heard. When that happens what we are left with is a broken democracy, to which the effects can be catastrophic.

Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer while we, the poor, stand by and watch ourselves grow poorer. I fear for many things, but the fears that I fear most is self inflicted loss of belief in our good Country and self inflicted forfeiture of our Constitutional Rights. We must stand up for ourselves because when we do not vote, we are, in effect, just giving it all away.

We cannot allow someone to strip us of our confidences. We must carry our voices to the election polls and prove that this country still has a voice from its constituents. We must prove this to ourselves, because all of the Politicians out there know that we have the say. It is us who need to be reminded. We must prove that we cannot be defeated as we proved when the unfortunate effects of September 11th happened.

We hung our flags to salute those who met an unfortunate and untimely death on September the 11th . And, later we kept those flags hanging to show our American pride and faith in our good country. We banded together, and all of our hearts poured out as we lit thousands upon thousands of candles to mourn. We started being more conscientious of the products we purchased, checking labels to see if we were buying American made products. We gave a little more, we cared a little more.

We cannot let the effects of the last election impede our path to the voting booths. We must stand up for what we believe in. We must stand up and prove that our voice can be heard and will be heard. We must stand up and be COUNTED.

Our system of government was based on Rome’s system of government and we cannot allow what happened to Rome happen to us. I encourage you America, I encourage you to take your power back and make a firm stand in what we believe in.

Thank you for your time.