Importance of Health Education Essay

Importance of Health Education Essay

Health education is a profession that aims at educating people about their health. Health is made up of various components, for example, physical, intellectual and emotional health. Thus, health education seeks to erudite people on health literacy through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and the technical know-how to improve the standards of health in the society. Notably, The youth today, especially those in the high school bracket face various challenges including separation of their families. Thus, health education provides a framework on how to combat the health challenges caused by separation.

High school students are in the adolescent bracket; they will have a difficult time adjusting to separation, therefore, cause a lapse in their studies. The program would educate the students on how to cope with the adjustments such as Separation Anxiety Disorder whereby the youth fear that something might occur to them if they are detached from a close figure(Amos, Green, & Hampton, 2002). Notably, these disorders may lead to health problems like stomach aches and nausea. However, taking the students through a Cognitive Behavior Therapy program would be paramount where the victims are taught how to control and reduce anxiety, think positively and relax.

Handling separation trauma would also be a factor to consider in the program. Trauma is an emotional response of the mind to certain events (Scherfig et al., 2010). However, trauma can be cured or regulated for the students by seeking professional guidance and counseling sessions that enable the student open up and share thus solving some of the problems through an exchange of ideas and knowledge. Self-esteem is another area to tackle because the students will find it hard to associate freely with their peers due to stigmatization. However, self-esteem can be raised by encouragement and showing the students that they are capable of doing anything if only they synergize and focus.

It is, therefore, important for the students to acquire health education on how to deal with separation to have a healthy life emotionally, physically and intellectually. Separation is normal, and the students can emerge victors from its effects if only they seek health education. Moreover, it will guide them on how to cope with separation, especially in high school level.

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