The slave codes. USA history essay sample.

The slave codes. USA history essay sample.

The “slave codes” were laws formulated by the whites to restrict the slave’s behaviors. This situation was brought about by the fact that the number of African American slaves were increasing at a great pace; thus scaring the whites. The white settlers developed paranoia of a violent rebellion occurring in their colonies thus the need for laws to control the slaves “…To regulate relations between slaves and colonists, the Louisiana Code noir, or slave code….. Was introduced in 1724 …..The Code’s 54 articles regulated the status of slaves and free blacks, as well as relations between masters and slaves”[3]The slave protest would occur in a many ways including murdering their owner, committing suicide, running away as well as the sabotage of the whites crops. This essay, thus, focuses on the slave codes that the African Americans had to adhere to and consequences of their disobedience to the “slave code” law.

According to my understanding of the U.S history chapter 6, the laws consisted of mainly strict physical punishment to those who did not abide by the rules imposed. Slaves were not allowed to own property “…We declare that slaves can have no right to any kind of property, and that all that they acquire………. shall be the full property of their masters…. [3]”.Nevertheless, they were denied from assembling anywhere without the presence of a “white”. Those who committed rape or murder were destined to be hanged while those who were found guilty of theft would have their ears cut off, as well as receive sixty lashes. Slaves were forbidden from carrying firearms except with permission from their masters [2]. The Blacks testimonies’ against the whites were prohibited in the courts. Moreover, the slaves were not allowed to be educated on how to read or write. However, Christianity sometimes prevailed when the white Christians taught the blacks to enable them to study the Bible.

In conclusion, the whites took counter-measures for rebellion as soon as they anticipated that violence could occur. According to their periodic time, it was a sensible act to formulate rules that would protect them from the anticipated danger. This essay thus answers the question as to why the “slave codes” were created, and what entailed the “slave codes.”

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